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Whoo~ wee..for those of you that know, you know making the transition from initially South Louisiana to Fairbanks Alaska with a family of seven including Bryan and I is no small feat. Let alone resigning from corporate America, selling our home the first day it hit the market, getting rid of ALMOST ALL of our possessions, Bryan going back to school for his aviation mechanic license, living on a college campus here at UAF, then transitioning to the Fairbanks YWAM base once he graduated, and Bryan and I venturing on foreign soil which included Nepal and India during the transition...well yes that's some supernatural faith, obedience, and trust in God alone. I've heard it said through some very wise counsel to Seek His Face, not His Hand. Selah on that for a moment! Yes...God is definitely moving as we continue to seek His face and fulfill the dream He has for not just Bryan and me but our children too! For God calls us by our first name not our last, each of our children has been called for such a time and place.

While I was In India earlier this year, I visited three schools and sat down with the Principals and numerous God-given advisors. As a mother, it was weighing heavily on my heart to ensure that our children will have a safe school to attend where they will have the opportunity to intermingle and adapt to the culture, make friends, and be active within the community. It was an honor to see firsthand how concerned the advisors were for the well-being of our children integrating into an international syllabus from America.

However, Bryan and I still needed some pieces of our lives to fall into place before we were certain about transitioning next year. One, of course, is getting a date for the adoption of our daughter, and the other of course is passports, visas, a home, and the acceptance of each child guaranteed a seat in the school of choice our hearts have set on.

Well God is great and swiftly moving as I was not even back from India for long and we have been able to secure a seat for each child to start school in June 2023/24 school year and our foster daughter has a definite opportunity to be adopted in by Bryan and I January 2023!

This completely shifted our season of equipping into a further reality of the actual Going.

With that being said we are so excited to share this update with you as our family, prayer intercessors, our financial supporters, and our pastors both in Louisiana and Alaska for continued accountability and guidance.

India needs your prayers and the children of India desperately need a future and hope.

Please partner with us this season of GIVING and be a part of BUILDING HIS HOUSE not just in one nation but nations beyond.

Not every family is called to go but you can always be a part of the one that is going with your prayers and your support.

Join our Family and Sow a seed for India today!

"No one has ever become poor by GIVING," ~Anne Frank

*QuestGlobalMissions is a non-profit 501C3 tax deductible

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