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The Costly Call

The Gennusa Gang is officially moving to ALASKA!

After spending the summer in Chickaloon, Alaska its time to head back to complete our missionary training. Specifically, Bryan will be attending A&P School for twelve months. I, Sarah will be pursuing my master’s degree online in Biblical Studies and Theology.

Making this decision to move into full time missions has been very exciting yet trying, costly, and exhausting. At forty one and Bryan forty four we never thought we would be purging our lives and our children’s lives from everything that has been our norm for so long.

After returning home from Alaska in September, Bryan and I have prayerfully and patiently pursued the question of What's next God?

Needless to say, Alaska has truly won all of our hearts but at a Great Price.

Because Illinois and Alaska are the only two A&P schools offering students this accelerated one year program as opposed to two years we knew where we wanted to reside.

However, God had to move. Alaska isn't the most cost efficient nor easiest move from Southeast Louisiana. Financially, we needed three major things to fall into place for us. The air fare for all seven of us, a vehicle that can travel the roads and a place to live. In addition, we are in the lengthy process of adopting our sweet baby girl named Melody. Under normal circumstances, we would not be able to leave the state of Louisiana without her being adopted. And spiritually, we needed Gods reassurance, peace, and strength to accept the costly call He has placed on all of our lives.

Bryan and I prayed for each and every one of these major needs to line up with God's will. I remember looking at Bryan after church one Sunday as we were driving home after service. He looked very calm but concerned. It was getting closer to having to make the decision of Illinois versus Alaska. He looked over at me and said we need a vehicle if we are going to Alaska. We quickly joined hands and prayed. Almost immediately after, Bryan received a text message from another missionary couple whose home base is in Alaska. Come to find out they have a vehicle that we are able to utilize for the time we would be there. In addition, we soon discovered a man Bryan had met earlier this year that uses a second home on his property for missions is now vacant. He as well willingly offered this home to us for a short term basis.

We were also granted permission from the State to move with Melody who will be adopted within the next six months!

The Red Sea was being parted on our behalf!

However, the strain has been immense. Our children are very excited but of course have had those ups and downs. They have been so amazing at going through every single thing they have in their rooms to purge. It was truly astounding to witness their poise at this major uprooting in their lives. They were given a suitcase and a carry on and that’s it.

Our oldest son Joshua, master sergeant, wrote all of his own doing an amazing letter to Civil Air Patrol St. Tammany Squadron. As he explained his transferring from this squadron to the Fairbanks Squadron, he received back numerous letters from fellow cadets and superiors who all expressed how encouraged they were by the news of what he and his family were doing.

As his mother, I knew how hard that was for him but the beauty in it illuminated through and through , again the costly call.

The next huge pull was telling our mothers, both of our fathers are deceased. This was HARD period. Next was sharing with our Pastors and church body that we will be departing back to Alaska but this time we won't be returning as homeowners in Louisiana. Then we had to inform all of our near and dear relatives, friends, cousins and neighbors.

The past few months have been full of emotion. In addition, we have done a lot more home renovations in the midst of all of this. Each day has been a work day for all of us. It has been tedious and exhausting to say the least as we married for sixteen years and five children have had to donate, throw out, sell, and giveaway just about everything we own from coffee cups to cookware, ALL of our furniture, papers, letters, cards, pictures, shoes, jewelry, ALOT OF CLOTHES....I mean EVERYTHING has been sifted through and retired.

We are leaving with little but gaining so much, again the costly call.

We have invested in building HIS kingdom.

"For the fields are white for harvest but the laborers are few."

We ask that you partner with us in your prayers and giving as we take the leap of faith of greater depth into the call He has placed on our lives. Specifically, prayers for the quick sale of our home and the favor to find a permanent place to reside in Alaska. Also prayers for strength as we navigate the harsh cold, the winter solstice, all of our training and education as well as the every day demands of a family of seven.

God BLESS each and every one of you that had taken the time to read about what God is doing through and in our family.

We need you to further His call


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