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The Girl in Yellow

Updated: May 9, 2022

Welcome to our blog! If you haven't already...check out who we are in About Us; as many already know, Quest Global Missions is a non profit 501C3 with a global mission-minded readiness to reach nations on a global scale. God's vision and plan for those that give Him their YES is truly limitless. We have had numerous people desiring to labor with us on a global scale and that just further confirms God's heart for those that need to hear the gospel in hard to reach places. With that being said, we are currently asking those to pray about specifically where God is leading you and reach out to us so that we can aid in making those divine connections with those we know in areas all around our world for your future harvest! Lastly, if you are considering missions aviation we encourage you to consider Kingdom Air Corps. For more info please don't hesitate to reach out.

Now lets talk about something so awesome and powerful as a heart laid down for King Jesus! Currently, Bryan is ministering all throughout Nepal and India. While in Nepal he met with so many villagers that were hopeful and prayerfully expecting his visit. Much to my surprise, all of the places he visited the people have never had a foreigner come to minister to them. Bryan chuckled with me on the phone as he told me he is traveling by motorcycle all throughout cities, villages, and the mountains of the Himalayas where local people were in shock with mouths dropped as he passed them by. However, when the thrill of that thought fleeted the reality gripped my heart and I honestly could not fathom how is my husband the only this for real...are we that behind schedule...WOE!

Bryan went on to explain how humble, excited, and accepting of him they were even honoring him with cultural dances, attire, food, hugs, tears, and invitations to more and more gatherings. I couldn't help but smile with him and then ponder the astounding and resonating fact that he's the only one...the only one...the only one. As he began to upload the photos, videos, and live footage I saw the joy, the acceptance, and the overwhelming response these villagers had when He was with them. The children were amazed at his phone of course especially the footage of him flying small aircraft around the mountains of Alaska. As Bryan ministered, baptized, prayed and just loved on these precious people there was one young girl at around eighteen years old that just stood out.

I remember Bryan telling me over and over again hey I'm sending you some more pics look for the girl in yellow. He went on to say, "This girl is my Hero! Sarah she is my Hero!" Little did I know when I saw her in the pictures what her story was about. Bryan began telling me I love this girl...her spirit is amazing! She lives in a predominantly Buddhist village and she has been beaten by both her parents and disowned by them because of her faith in Jesus Christ. Then Bryan said after the beatings, she told her parents she would die for Christ. This is the gospel message we find in the book of Revelation and all throughout history of the persecuted ones for His name sake. Bryan is finding these burning ones that will not deny Jesus for any man including mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend, nor principality over a land.

Bryan was able to baptize her and encourage her in her faith. I know he will never forget her face. her story, her courage, and her account. She is one among many he has yet to find.

If you want to partner with us in continuing the gospel being preached, souls being delivered, lives being saved and faith in Jesus being encouraged throughout these remote and hard to reach places you can always donate on this website, share this blog, and bring awareness to others through your own church organization by telling them about what God is doing through our family.

It is truly worth all the sacrifice indeed for you, for us, for them, FOR HIM!

Revelation 12:11. "For they overcame him by the blood of the lamb; and they loved not their lives unto death."

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