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We Wish YOU A Merry Christmas...

Greetings Family of Christ, we are excited to celebrate soon as Bryan not only turns 45 years young this month, but also his completion and graduation with honors in Aviation Mechanic School! If you recall we said Yes to God and His perfect timing by completing such an extreme life altering faith filled decision to fully embrace missions and move from south Louisiana all the way to Fairbanks, Alaska! I have to say life lived with Jesus at the wheel is pretty adventurous to say the least.

Bryan, myself and our five children have truly been sojourners in a new place with its own set of challenges such as all of our family miles and miles away, the extreme weather, adapting to a much different pace of life, our children making new friendships, and of course finances fully relying on others support to name a few.

However, God is a man that cannot lie and He will do what He says He will do and all we have to do is TRUST HIM! Our spiritual foundation has surely been strenghtened and enhanced by such a shift in all of our lives. Moreover, we have truly fallen in love with the precious people of this land!

Bryan and I personally have grown in leadership roles in ministry as we have been ministering, praying, and holding online teaching sessions for our new home church called Mountain Movers of Fairbanks, Alaska. We have been given prophetic words of knowledge for others, have preached, prayed with those He directs, and have had powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit! We are truly moving with God on a new and very exciting platform. Meanwhile, all of our children are involved in music and dance which was not something birthed by Father God until we moved to Alaska. They are using these new skills and giftings as part of our family ministry and in church gatherings.

In addition, Bryan and I both have returned to being students this past year and have been adjusting quite successfully as I, Sarah, returned to school in pursuit of my online masters degree in Biblical Studies and Theology. There have been months of tiredness which at times has been different and hard for our children to digest, but God continues to pour out His unfailing grace on us all.

I, Sarah, have personally drawn so much nearer to God here in Alaska then when I was back at home in my own sphere of routine, familiarity, and comfort zones. Fasting and Prayer have become everything to my growth as a woman of God. Total reliance on God has truly transformed the intimacy of my walk with Him as Father, Son and Spirit. I have truly been at places of travail that have had depths I didnt even fathom. Personal depths in prayer which have evoked His restoration, His renewing, and His transformation have all been breaking forth in my life like never before! Our marriage has completely been rocked, shaken, and strenghthened as Father God has been hard at work refining us with His fire. He has brought us to a place of preparation and learning in which He has already done much! I have been completely astounded at times just talking with Him and driving around such an extremly beautiful place...He so can unravel and ravish our hearts if we let Him!

Rearing teenagers, we have two, through all of this has also been quite the challenge. Bryan and I have had to navigate new ways to communicate with our children and with each other to win the day by keeping unity and guarding peace in our home, which is a heck of an accomplishment. We all need God to do this! There is so much vying for not only our attention, but also the attention of our children at all age groups; it is our responsability as parents to set a guard rail and boundaries up in regards to social media, sports, entertainment, school, and chores in order for us as a godly family to fully unite and come together to pray, conversate with each other, and fully respect each other. Keep in mind our oldest is Joshua 15, Grace 14, Selah 12, Josiah 11, and Melody 4...whew all under one roof and living currently, on a college campus!

Bryan and I have had to fully come to a place where our mind is steadied daily on His word, His promises, His presence and His voice. There is no place given to entertain any idol that defiles the one in whom we serve. We cannot shake hands with any form of crutch or vice and expect to have power and authority over demonic realms in prayer with those we are called to pray and war with. Plainly speaking, our hearts and homes have to be cleared and purified for His will for our lives as well as for us to posess His anointing, power and authority to rule and reign over every fiery dart that would come our way and over those persons He has called us to pray with, war with, heal and deliver in His name!

As we celebrate the end of our first year here with Christmas fast approaching, we ask that all of you who have kindly taking the time to read thus far to pray for our finances to flourish, our personal protection, for a fresh measure of His grace, favor and strength for us all and specifically for Bryan's protection and divine guidance as he will be traveling to Bangalore, India and Nepal by April of next year!

And Lastly, please share this blog post and reach out to us if you have any questions or interest in getting connected with missions on a global scale.

Remember, only God can do through you what man deems impossible!

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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